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ARC Studios Westside
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London, E2 9DA

The person most likely to solve a problem is the one who understands it best.

About me

Hi, my name is Alyssa, and I am a UX/UI designer and researcher in Philadelphia. My friends tell me that I'm the kind of person that walks into an airport and knows more about what is going on than the TSA. I thoroughly enjoy discovering what makes people tick, and I strive to design clean, efficient, and satisfying experiences on my way to become an expert of everything. Translating complex information into something that is both meaningful and accessible is seriously my favorite thing to do. Born and raised in South Florida, I attended Drexel University as part of the Custom Designed Major, where I built my own plan of study combining biomedical engineering, product design, and interactive digital media. My end goal is to optimize human experiences towards a more sustainable and higher quality of life.